Sixty Glorious Years

Sixty Glorious Years by Victoria Murphy

Our Queen Elizabeth II - Diamond Jubilee 1952-2012

Format: Hardcover Book , 256 Pages
ISBN: 9780857331656
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Since Queen Elizabeth II succeeded to the throne sixty years ago Britain has seen huge social, political and economic change. As her people have celebrated the highs and mourned the lows, she has remained a constant and stable figure at the head of the world's most famous Royal Family. Through 12 Prime Ministers, four recessions, wars and a technological revolution, the Queen's determination to carry out her duties and to connect with the public has not faltered. Sixty Glorious Years celebrates her extraordinary ability to have secured a place in the hearts of generations of Britons. With rarely seen pictures, this book offers an unparalleled look at the life and work of the woman who looks set to become Britain's longest surviving sovereign.

Victoria Murphy is the Daily Mirror's Royal Reporter. She reported extensively on the Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton and continues to travel the world writing about the Royal Family. She is the author of Sixty Glorious Years, a book celebrating the life and reign on Queen Elizabeth II.
Format: Hardcover Book , 256 Pages
ISBN: 9780857331656
Illustrations: 160 color photos & 160 b/w photos
Size: 9.85 in x 9.85 in / 250 mm x 250 mm