Secrets of Aromatherapy

Secrets of Aromatherapy
Format: Paperback / softback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9780785838142
Publisher: Chartwell Books
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Secrets of Aromatherapy is a thorough introduction to the therapeutic uses of essential oils, and provides an in-depth insight into the use of natural fragrances to improve relaxation and general well-being. From what to expect in a session to the history of oils employed as healing agents, discover the many ways aromatherapy can enhance your health and happiness.

When you walk past a rose bush, stop for a minute and inhale the cool, sweet fragrance, pause and feel that sense of total well-being; you have just experienced aromatherapy. When you chop herbs in the kitchen and the pungent scents tingle in your nose and make your mouth water, there it is again. Natural fragrances—contained in the roots, leaves, fruits, flowers, and wood of plants—have been recognized for thousands of years for their innate cleansing, healing, relaxing, and invigorating powers. Since antiquity, aromatic herbs and essences have been used as cosmetics, medicines, perfumes, and incense. Continue this time-tested practice of harnessing the therapeutic powers of natural fragrances with this knowledgeable text, which covers all aspects of aromatherapy, including:
  • The origins of aromatherapy
  • Basic therapeutic guidelines
  • Essential oil qualities for lavender, frankincense, orange, tea-tree, and more
  • Essential oils to improve body functions
  • How to buy the best and highest quality essential oils
With this comprehensive guide, learn to harness natural fragrances to play a vital role in your physical and emotional health.

The Holistic Secrets series provides comprehensive explanations of the fundamental principles behind techniques and methods. They explore practices in detail and offer advice in an accessible guide that will teach you about the power of these methods and how they can be harnessed to balance your mind, body, and spirit. These books – suitable for the beginner or the experienced practitioner – tells you everything you need to know about establishing a practice at home.

The author

Jennie Harding has more than 25 years of experience as a healer, working with various modalities including crystals, essential oils, and aromatherapy remedies. She is a keen gardener of aromatic plants and uses essential oils every day to maintain her well-being and vitality. An established author in the area of the mind, body, and spirit, she has written over 15 books.

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Format: Paperback / softback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9780785838142
Size: 6.33 in x 8.07 in / 160.78 mm x 204.98 mm

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