Subtitle Extreme Architecture Mazes to Decode and Color

Mister Mourao
Price £6.99
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Featuring the stunning artwork of architect and drawing-obsessed artist Mister Mourao, Brain Bend is a collection of 25 of his original drawings presented as both mazes and coloring templates.

Mister Mourao plays with shape and perspective, warping, shattering, and recombining architectural elements in imaginative and surprising ways—all of which make for challenging mazes and exciting opportunities for playing with color.

Solve! Each maze is partially colored based on the finished version, which is shown on the facing page. You can add more color to a maze after you solve it, perhaps making the path its own distinct color. If you get stuck or need a hint, you can consult the solutions at the back of the book.

Color! Use the finished versions of the artwork as inspiration for coloring the templates, or put together your own palettes and create something unique. Every approach will bring something new and exciting to these architectural visions.

Bonus—two mega mazes and coloring templates! In the center of the book, you'll find two different artworks on double-size fold-out pages: On one side of each page is a mega maze; on the other, its oversized coloring template.

Enjoy your exhilarating tour of Mister Mourao's inspired structures—and maybe start your own art obsession!

Mister Mourao

Mister Mourao, also known as Vasco Mourao, is an architect-turned-illustrator who has a tendency for obsessive drawing. He creates commissioned works for a variety of editorial and commercial clients, including Apple, Expo2020 Dubai, The New Yorker magazine, The Washington Post, and Wired

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