Subtitle Laugh Your Way Through History, Science, Culture & Learn a Little Something Along the Way

Frank Flannery
Description Description
Start cracking wise—literally. Genius Jokes offers a cultivated assortment of 125+ quips for the cultured and the curious, the learned and the learning.

Why didn't the physicist trust atoms?
Because they make up everything!

Nothing is more satisfying than getting a joke that flies over the heads of most people in the room. This book not only supplies the readers with smart jokes about academic subjects, it also contains detailed explanations of the concepts and historical figures the jokes are based on so that you're never flying blind when dropping a comedic gem.

A veritable master's course in humor, topics include:
  • Math & Science
  • Art & Literature
  • Grammar & Language
  • History & Politics
  • Philosophy & Psychology
  • Religion & Spirituality
Impress your friends, family, in-laws, professors, or brilliant love interest, and never laugh at a joke you don't quite get. With Genius Jokes, you'll bend minds and split sides with the best!

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Series Live Well
Format Paper Over Board 176 Pages
ISBN 9780785837985
Size5.51 in x 7.87 in / 139.95 mm x 199.90 mm
Published Date October 15th, 2019
Frank Flannery
Frank Flannery is a writer living on the New Jersey coast. A lifelong spirit enthusiast, the booming alcohol industry is among his favorite topics to explore.  He writes to share his formidable and growing knowledge on a wide variety of spirits and distillers, from artisanal small batches to nationally distributed classics.
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