Small Arms 1950-Present

Small Arms 1950-Present by Michael Spilling

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Format: Hardback, 176 Pages
ISBN: 9780785829980
Publisher: Chartwell Books
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Part of the Weapons of War series, this book features more than 150 color and black & white illustrations and photographs as well as detailed specifications about small arms from 1950 to the present.

Small Arms 1950–Present Day brings together the most important handheld guns of the second half of the twentieth century in a single volume arranged in alphabetical order. The book includes some of the best-known weapons of the era, such as the AK-47 and M16 assault rifles, the Uzi submachine gun, and the FN Five Seven pistol.

Features 150 entries of the most important weapons of the era Every weapon is illustrated with an accurate color artwork Each entry includes a specifications table with essential information such as armament, weight, speed, and range Concise text provides a summary of the design, development, service history, and performance of each weaponThis book contains details on handguns, manually operated rifles, semi-automatic and automatic rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, grenade launchers, and shotguns, from 1950 to the present.

Format: Hardback, 176 Pages
ISBN: 9780785829980
Size: 7 in x 8.625 in x 0.625 in / 177.8 mm x 219.08 mm x 15.875 mm