World's Greatest Aircraft

World's Greatest Aircraft by Christopher Chant

Format: Hardback, 448 Pages
ISBN: 9780785828518
Publisher: Chartwell Books
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 Which are the finest aircraft ever to have flown? The finest military aircraft, the finest airliners, the finest planes of today, and yesterday? This book answers these questions comprehensively, and with photographs and illustrations which help convey just what is so special about each aircraft.

Over 250 of the world's most important, influential aircraft, from the first powered aircraft, the Wright Brother's 'Flyer' to Northrop's highly advanced B-2 stealth bomber. Commercial aircraft such as the Douglas DC-3 Dakota and the new A380 double decker Airbus, are detailed as are many of the classic fighters and bombers from World War II, such as the Supermarine Spitfire, North American P-51 Mustang and Boeing B-17 Fortress.

All the essential detail is here. Fascinating histories of the design, development, manufacture, and service life of each aircraft are accompanied by a technical specification highlighting on its most important variants. Each is illustrated by a large and detailed color side view artwork, a three-view general arrangement line drawing, and supported with additional photographs.
Christopher Chant is a successful writer on aviation and modern military matters, and has a substantial number of authoritative titles to his credit.
Format: Hardback, 448 Pages
ISBN: 9780785828518
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