Watercolor Tips & Tricks

Watercolor Tips & Tricks by David Norman

Format: Spiral bound, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9780785824398
Publisher: Chartwell Books
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All artists have their favorite materials, and what suits one artist may not necessarily suit another. What is important is to keep experimenting with the actual business of applying paint to paper. Watercolor Tips and Tricks does not list all the types of brushes you need to have, what type of easel you should use, or which paints to buy. The assumption is either that you already have this information at hand or that you have formulated your own methods by this time.

In order to progress with watercolor painting, it is essential to address any problems with a view to rectifying them, just as you would if you were learning to be a good gardener. Some of the process is intuitive, but there are certain rules and methods to help you achieve good results.

Watercolor is a versatile medium, and no artist uses it in exactly the same way as another. No one person sees the same things or reproduces them in the same way.

Format: Spiral bound, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9780785824398
Illustrations: Over 500 illustrations
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