Alex Bealer
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With more than 500 illustrations, this book is perfect for craftsmen who want to set up a blacksmith shop, and for lovers of history and craft alike. This book describes and illustrates the equipment and techniques developed in more than six thousand years of working iron by hand.Indeed, this unique book covers every aspect of a fascinating and little-known art, the fundamental craft on which the civilization of the Iron Age was built.

Format Hardcover Book 440 Pages
ISBN 9780785803959
Size5.50 in x 8.25 in x 1.50 in / 139.70 mm x 209.55 mm x 38.10 mm
Published Date November 29th, 2009
Alex Bealer
Alex W. Bealer was an advertising executive in Atlanta, Georgia.  He was a collector of old tools, an expert on old crafts, and a skilled woodworker and blacksmith.  He is the author of The Art of Blacksmithing, Only the Names Remain, The Picture-Skin Story, and The Successful Craftsman.
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