Subtitle Everything You Need to Know to Find, Buy, and Enjoy Collector Cars from the 1980s to Today

Robert C. Yeager
Price $29.99 / £22.00
Description Description Satisfy your dream collector-car desires with this one-stop reference for starting or expanding your collection beyond traditional classics and muscle cars.

Focusing on the interests and needs of Generation X and Millennial car collectors, The NextGen Guide to Car Collecting offers a concise history of car collecting to present day, guidance on car buying and living the car-collector life, and an overview of collector cars with a focus on cars built from the 1970s through the 1990s while also touching on more contemporary cars. Chapters highlight Japanese, American, and European cars, particularly those models that have experienced the greatest growth in collector interest over the past decade.
The NextGen Guide to Car Collecting explores the many ways the Internet and social media have changed the classic car marketplace. You’ll learn how to buy a classic car online without suffering buyer’s remorse, as well as the four critical keys to a happy collector-vehicle relationship: 1) possessing discretionary cash for the initial purchase; 2) obtaining a thorough knowledge of the car and its ownership; 3) the critical pre-purchase inspection; and 4) access to a work space.
You’ll also find out why the popularity of late twentieth-century specialty cars will continue to grow (think increasing electronic complication and the still-large number of enthusiasts for whom “self-driving” means driving themselves) and explore the attributes that makes these cars desirable collector vehicles.

In addition, the book looks at the significant increases in quality and reliability of post-1970s machines and how that impacts their collectibility. Finally, learn why expectations that your newfound classic could outlast our current crop of lithium-ion-dependent electric cars may not be unrealistic: recent developments like ride-hailing and sharing services; expanded public transit; rental bikes and scooters; and garage condos and other storage options could actually extend the life of your “new” classic permitting you to truly tailor the use of your classics.

Whether your collection requires a one-stall garage or a pole barn, the practical, useful information and keen perspective of The NextGen Guide to Car Collecting will ensure you pull this volume from your shelf time and again.
Format Trade Paperback 192 Pages
ISBN 9780760373378
Size7.00 in x 9.00 in / 177.80 mm x 228.60 mm
Published Date August 9th, 2022
Robert C. Yeager
Robert C. Yeager has loved cars ever since his first $250 purchase at 16: a “raked,” baby-blue 1940 Ford coupe with headers. As an adult, he has owned a series of Alfa Romeos and currently enjoys a 1972 Mercedes-Benz 450 SL. Yeager spent his professional life as a writer for such outlets as Readers Digest and Business Week and numerous newspapers including Chicago Tribune and New Orleans Times-Picayune. Yeager has also authored works of fiction and nonfiction for publishers like McGraw-Hill. For the past decade-plus he has covered classic cars for The New York Times. Yeager brings a seasoned collector’s eye to the quickly growing “youngtimer” segment of the car hobby. He lives in California.
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