Calm and Clear Mindfulness Kit

48-page book of stress-relief meditations, exercises, and mindful approaches to guide you to a state of zen - Includes two tins of scented therapy dough

Calm and Clear Mindfulness Kit
Format: Kit, 48 Pages
ISBN: 9780760367605
Publisher: becker&mayer!
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Unwind the mind and create a calm state of attentiveness with the Calm and Clear Mindfulness Kit. Literally squeeze your stress away by using the two included aromatherapy doughs—lavender and rosemary—while practicing the soothing techniques included in the accompanying 48-page book.

For calming and relaxing, wind down with the lavender-scented dough, known for its soothing effects on the body and balancing effects on the mind. Or get clear and energized with the rosemary-scented dough, known for revitalization. Each dough gives peaceful support. The set comes with two small tins to keep each separate, making it easy to store and perfect for toting.

The 48-page guide offers an introduction to essential stress reduction techniques, including mantras and movement, relaxing breathing techniques, and meditation practice. Work these methods into your daily routine to center your thoughts and create space for positive habits. Whether calming or clearing, you'll be gently guided to a state of zen.

The author

Rebekah “Bex” Borucki, founder of BexLife® and the Blissed In® wellness movement, is a mother of five, TV host, meditation guide, best-selling author, birth doula, and life transformation and resilience coach. Visit to connect with Rebekah and her online community.

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Format: Kit, 48 Pages
ISBN: 9780760367605
Illustrations: color photos
Size: 5 in x 7 in / 127 mm x 177.8 mm

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