Subtitle More Favorite Motorcycle Tours in the USA

American Motorcyclist Association
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From the corkscrew roads of California to the scenic mountain notches of New England, this second AMA Ride Guide to America from the American Motorcyclist Association reveals more enticing backroads for motorcyclists everywhere to dream about. With topographic road maps and point-to-point route outlines for more than 40 trips nationwide, riders can explore rocky shorelines, breathtaking canyonlands, majestic mountain peaks, and everything in between.

Each trip description is detailed with attractions along the way and recommendations for interesting places to stay and eat. Included are trips in:
  • The Pacific Northwest
  • California
  • The Rocky Mountains
  • The Southwest
  • The Midwest
  • Texas
  • Appalachian Mountains
  • The American South
  • The mid-Atlantic region
  • New England
This is is a must-have travel book for any rider who dreams of taking two wheels on the best of America's open roads.
Format Trade Paperback 288 Pages
ISBN 9780760366905
Size6.00 in x 9.00 in x 0.63 in / 152.40 mm x 228.60 mm x 16.00 mm
Published Date July 16th, 2019
American Motorcyclist Association
These trips and travelogues have been assembled from the experts in the motorcycle touring world by the AMA. Contributing authors include: Clement Salvadori, Dr. Gregory Frazier, Bill Kresnak, Lance Oliver, Bill Andrews, Scott Cochran, Pat Thompson, Bill Wood, Toby Ballentine, Grant Parsons, Marty Berke, Dale Coyner, Neal Davis, and Bruce Hansen. Each author has contributed some of his favorite rides from the section of the country that he knows best.
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