Supercars 2020

16-Month Calendar - September 2019 through December 2020

Supercars 2020 16-Month Calendar - September 2019 through December 2020
$15.99 / £11.99
Format: Calendar, 24 Pages
ISBN: 9780760365403
Publisher: Motorbooks
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Featuring a collection of makes and models, Supercars 2020 is a 16-month calendar that belongs on the wall of any fan of these high-performance machines.

Speed, power, and head-turning great looks—there's no mistaking a supercar. Appreciate the best from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche, and more with this 12" × 12" calendar featuring the stunning automotive photography of G. F. Williams. Appreciate the thrilling beauty of these elite vehicles all year long with Supercars 2020.

The author

The Editors of Motorbooks know their craft. Motorbooks is among the world's leading transportation publishers, offering books created by motoring's top photographers and writers, many created with major partners like Harley-Davidson, Chevrolet, Ford, and Chrysler and magazines like Hot Rod and Cycle World

Starting photography at the age of 14, George Williams very quickly realized he could unite photography with his other major passion—cars. His automotive photography career began as an obsession for cars and all things related and morphed into a very successful career photographing them. George's current client base includes some of the most prestigious brands in the world.

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Format: Calendar, 24 Pages
ISBN: 9780760365403
Illustrations: 12 color photos
Size: 12 in x 12 in / 304.8 mm x 304.8 mm

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