Bruce Springsteen An Illustrated Biography

Bruce Springsteen by Meredith Ochs

An Illustrated Biography

Format: Other book format, 182 Pages
ISBN: 9780760363249
Publisher: becker&mayer!
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Bruce Springsteen: An Illustrated Biographyloaded with stage and candid photos of this peerless rock star, and made complete with removable memorabiliais the ultimate collector's item for any fan of The Boss.

Through story, images, and removable memorabilia, Bruce Springsteen: An Illustrated Biography chronicles the life of The Boss—one of America’s favorite rock stars and one of the biggest-selling artists in history. Springsteen's monolithic music career spans a full half-century, from 1968 to present, and has included dozens of tours, awards, and 20 Grammys. Incredibly, Springsteen's stage presence, star power, and musicianship is as strong as ever—he continues to consistently sell out live musical performances. This book showcases Springsteen's life, both on and off the stage.
With a new chapter covering Springsteen on Broadway, a new cover, and a redesign of an envelope to deliver the interactive memorabilia, this reissue of The Bruce Springsteen Vault offers fans an intimate look into the life of this beloved artist.

Meredith Ochs is a writer, radio personality, musician, photographer, sailor, and world traveler. She is a talk show host and deejay at Sirius XM and a commentator for NPR’s All Things Considered. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Guitar World, and numerous other publications. She is a 2016 Gracie Award winner in the category of Outstanding Portrait/Biography for her “Women and Wheels” special. Ochs is a longtime resident of Hoboken, New Jersey, and her favorite Springsteen album is Darkness on the Edge of Town.

Format: Other book format, 182 Pages
ISBN: 9780760363249
Illustrations: 10 pieces of removable memorabilia
Size: 8.5 in x 12 in / 215.9 mm x 304.8 mm
My Hometown
Great Expectations
American Icon
Second Skin
Lost Years
The Rising
American Skin
High Hopes
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