Stone Garden Transfer Art

Stone Garden Transfer Art by Lydia D'Moch

Transform Ordinary Stones into Extraordinary Art

Format: Kit, 48 Pages
ISBN: 9780760362242
Publisher: becker&mayer!
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$24.99 / £16.99
Turn rocks and stones into pieces of art with Stone Garden Transfer Art! This kit comes with everything you need to get started, including transfers, stones, and paint!

Transform the humble rock into a beautiful and colorful work of art! Rock art is a fun, whimsical way to decorate your home, office, or garden, and get some painting practice while you're at it!

Stone Garden Transfer Art is your guide to transferring and painting images onto stones of all shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. The 48-page guide book comes fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions for turning simple stones into sentimental pieces of art. A key element that sets rock painting apart from other forms of painting is that it's both a fun and easy activity for any age or skill level. It gives you a whole new way to rock on! 

This art kit includes eight rub-on transfers, four small river stones, two paint brushes, one foam brush, an acrylic set of paints in six vibrant colors, and clear coat to seal your finished work of art. Transfer patterns come in various shapes, including a butterfly, heart, a bird, and more!

Lydia D'Moch has been a graphic design professional for 30 years. She has had a successful career for several publishing houses, specializing in book covers and interiors for the adult and children's trade markets, and collaborating with many of the industry's most well-known illustrators. As a freelance art director, she has designed, edited, and project managed publications raging from magazines to textbooks. Her work has earned numerous national design awards, including the Caldecott, Bookbuilder's West, New York Book Show and AIGA 50 Best Books of the Year. In her spare time, Lydia enjoys crafting and creating in multiple mediums. She resides in San Diego, California.

Format: Kit, 48 Pages
ISBN: 9780760362242
Size: 5 in x 7 in / 127 mm x 177.8 mm