Crochet Characters Winnie the Pooh

Crochet Characters Winnie the Pooh by Megan Kreiner

All Stuffed with Fluff! Everything You Need to Make Pooh and Piglet

Format: Kit, 76 Pages
ISBN: 9780760355114
Publisher: becker&mayer!
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Bring the residents of the Hundred-Acre Wood home with Crochet Characters Winnie the Pooh. Everything you need to get started right away comes included, so grab your tools and get crafting!

Bring Winnie the Pooh and all his friends from the Hundred-Acre Wood to life with this easy-to-use and all-inclusive crochet kit! Creating plush miniatures of your favorite characters like the adorable Roo, wise Owl, timid Piglet and of course, lovable Pooh himself, is made fun and easy with step-by-step, photographic instructions, and an introduction to the basic stitches, knots, and techniques of crocheting.

Plus, you’ll get all the tools and supplies you need to get started right away: a crochet hook, a tapestry needle, six colors of yarn, embroidery floss, felt, and stuffing. This kit comes with all the materials you'll need to create your first two projects. Who could they be? The very best friends Pooh and Piglet, of course!

With twelve easy-to-follow patterns, you can create the entire cast of characters from this much-loved and classic story. Whether you're coming to crocheting new or are a seasoned pro, you'll soon have soft, fuzzy friends from the Hundred-Acre Wood sitting on your shelf.

Megan Kreiner grew up on Long Island, New York in a household where art and art projects were a part of daily life. Coming from a long line of knitters and crocheters, she learned to knit and crochet at an early age from her grandmother, aunt, and mom, and started to explore the wild and uncharted waters of toy design and pattern making in 2012. Kreiner currently lives in Altadena, California, with her husband Michael, son James, and daughter Emily.

Format: Kit, 76 Pages
ISBN: 9780760355114
Illustrations: 115
Size: 6 in x 7.5 in / 152.4 mm x 190.5 mm