Smart Circuits: Electronics Lab

Smart Circuits: Electronics Lab by SmartLab Toys

Format: General merchandise
ISBN: 9780760353493
Publisher: SmartLab Toys
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Create real working games and gadgets with an infinite number of electronic projects!

With this electronics lab’s 10 smart modules and powerful microprocessor, you’ll be able to wire your own quiz show, an electronic drum kit, a motion sensor to guard your room, just about anything you can imagine!

Experimentation and playing with the multi-dimensional baseboard and REAL electronic components will teach you how electronic engineering works, and make doing these projects a breeze.

Plus, the 48-page lab book includes step-by-step instructions on 50 specially designed circuit boards. Soon enough you’ll be wielding light, sound, and endless other options as you custom build your creations!
Format: General merchandise
ISBN: 9780760353493
“If you have a kid who’s into electronics, check out this kit. Your child can create all kinds of cool, working electronics without you having to worry about them burning the house down or electrocuting themselves. Win-win!” - Annie Reneau for