Star Wars: Build the Millennium Falcon

Star Wars: Build the Millennium Falcon by Benjamin Harper and Claudio Dias

Format: Kit
ISBN: 9780760353202
Publisher: becker&mayer!
Series: Star Wars
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With sound and lights, Star Wars: Build the Millennium Falcon brings the galaxy's most notorious ship to life in a detailed papercraft model. The kit includes 10 template sheets with die-cut pieces, a sound module, and LED lights to build a model of the iconic ship. The accompanying book examines the pivotal missions the Falcon has performed along with technical sidebars and notes on its crew members. Detailed diagrams and step-by-step assembly instructions help guide model builders in constructing the ship. The paper model is geared toward adults and should take approximately 8 to 12 hours to build. 

Model includes:

- 3 LED lights illuminate the engines on the back of the ship

- 10 seconds of ship sound effects (ex. takeoff, landing, and the failed jump to lightspeed)

Benjamin Harper has written extensively about the Star Wars universe, including several interactive books. His most recent titles include Obsessed with Star Wars: Test Your Knowledge of a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Star Wars: Rolling with BB-8!, Star Wars: Ships of the Galaxy, and Star Wars: The Power of the Dark Side.

Format: Kit
ISBN: 9780760353202
Series: Star Wars
Size: 9 in x 12.75 in / 228.6 mm x 323.85 mm