How to Raise Poultry

How to Raise Poultry by Christine Heinrichs

Everything You Need to Know, Updated & Revised

Format: Flex-Bind, 176 Pages
ISBN: 9780760345672
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Series: FFA
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Christine Heinrichs, author of the critically acclaimed How to Raise Chickens, teaches you how to care for every type of feathered friend.
Backed by the National FFA Organization, our acclaimed series of How to Raise guides has helped countless first-time animal owners across the United States confidently care for their new companions. In this freshly updated second edition of How to Raise Poultry, fowl expert Christine Heinrichs offers her seasoned advice in raising 14 different poultry species: chickens, ducks, emus, geese, swans, turkeys, guinea fowl, peacocks, pheasants, quail, partridge, pigeons, ostriches, and rheas. From feeding and housing to husbandry and health, from showing and marketing to legal concerns, Heinrichs clearly details the differing requirements of each kind of poultry. With her comprehensive approach, fully illustrated with instructional photography, you’ll be well-equipped to select breeds, keep your birds healthy, harvest and sell products, and hatch new generations—whether you want eggs, meat, feathers, hides, or simple companionship. As you successfully raise your new flock for pleasure, profit, or both, you’ll quickly understand why Backyard Poultry magazine called the original edition of How to Raise Poultry “a book any bird lover could spend many delightful hours with.”
Christine Heinrichs is the author of How to Raise Chickens and How to Raise Poultry (both Voyageur Press, 2013) and has won many awards over the course of her 30-year writing career. She holds a degree in journalism from the University of Oregon and is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, the Society of Environmental Journalists, the Northern California Science Writers Association, and Ten Spurs, the honorary society of the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference. She is also a member of the American Poultry Association, where she serves on the Heritage Breeds Committee, the American Bantam Association, and the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. She lives with her husband, chickens, and cat in Cambria, California.
Format: Flex-Bind, 176 Pages
ISBN: 9780760345672
Series: FFA
Illustrations: 200 color & 50 b/w photos
Size: 7.25 in x 10.25 in / 184 mm x 260 mm

The information she presents is fascinating, and it’s stuff you aren’t likely to encounter in other books about chickens or poultry.  And the photos are terrific…While it’s not really a how-to book (and I got the feeling it wasn’t meant to be, despite the title,) it’s amazing how much how-to information is crammed into it.  If you don’t kow a thing about raising birds, you’ll at least get a pretty good idea of what’s involved…you get an informative, entertaining, beautiful and fascinating look at the wide world of poultry.  This is a book any bird lover could spend many delightful hours with.

--Backyard Poultry Magazine, April/May 2009

This may seem an unlikely title for attention in a science journal, unless you have been paying attention to the global economic crisis. Some areas are considering poultry-powered plants. Turns out chicken poop pollutes more than coal. Who knew? The author of this book, a poultry expert and 30-year journalist, offers detailed guidance with lots of color photos on how to raise birds from water fowl to turkeys and emus. Start checking local zoning for permit rules on raising your own food—and maybe energy? Science Communication

Whether you want eggs, meat, feathers, hide, or simply beauty, this indispensable resource explains all the helpful dos and don’ts. From gourmet foods to goose down, from ostrich leather to peacock feathers, poultry expert Christine Heinrichs covers it all.