Hidden Warbirds The Epic Stories of Finding, Recovering, and Rebuilding WWII's Lost Aircraft

Hidden Warbirds by Nicholas A. Veronico

The Epic Stories of Finding, Recovering, and Rebuilding WWII's Lost Aircraft

Format: Hardcover Book , 256 Pages
ISBN: 9780760344095
Publisher: Zenith Press
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"If you only have room in your collection for one book on WWII-era warbird wreck histories and recoveries, then it should be this one. Nicholas Veronico’s thorough research and clear, concise writing style make Hidden Warbirds a fascinating joy to read." - Alan Griffith, author of Consolidated Mess: The Illustrated Guide to Nose-turreted B-24 Production Variants in USAAF Combat Service

Aviation historian Nicholas A. Veronico has been investigating and writing about aircraft wrecks for many years. His website, wreckchasing.com, is the go-to source for enthusiasts who want to know more about how to locate vintage airplane wrecks and then tell their stories. In this engaging new book, Veronico explores the romantic era of World War II Warbirds and the stories of some of its most famous wrecks, including the "Swamp Ghost" (a B-17E which crashed in New Guinea in the early days of World War II and which was only recently recovered), and "Glacier Girl" (a P-38, part of "The Lost Squadron," which crashed in a large ice sheet in Greenland in 1942). Throughout, Veronico provides a history of the aircraft, as well as the unique story behind each discovery and recovery with ample illustrations. Hidden Warbirds is aviation history at its best.
Nicholas A. Veronico has written extensively on US naval operations in World War II on the sea and in the air. He is the author of Hidden Warbirds (Zenith, 2013), Hidden Warbirds II (Zenith, 2013), Battlestations: American Warships in WWII (Motorbooks, 2001), and World War II Shipyards of the Bay Area (Arcadia Publishing, 2007), as well as F4U Corsair (Motorbooks, 1994) and Convair PB4Y-2/P4Y-2 Privateer (Ginter Books, 2012). In addition, he appeared on the TV series Life After People in the 2010 episode "Take Me To Your Leader," providing history and commentary on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard near San Francisco, California.
Format: Hardcover Book , 256 Pages
ISBN: 9780760344095
Illustrations: 132 color & 47 b/w photos
Size: 6.25 in x 9.25 in / 159 mm x 235 mm

Introduction: How the Hunt for Hidden Warbirds Has Evolved

Part One: Up from Under Water    
Two of the Rarest: Side-by-Side Helldiver and Dauntless Restorations
The Last Vindicator: SB2U-2 up from Lake Michigan      
Two Navy Crosses in SBD-2 BuNo 2106   

Part Two: In from the Jungle          
B-17E Swamp Ghost and Its Long Road Home     
Recovering the Mount Cyclops P-61 Black Widow           
Bringing Out a Betty, a Judy, a Tony, and a Zero  
Big Island B-18 in Situ         

Part Three: The Frozen North        
P-38 Glacier Girl       
Million Dollar Valley Marauders     
Alaskan Liberators: One in Place, One Recovered

Part Four: Lucky Finds: Rare Warbirds in Unusual Places          
Mustang in a Garage: P-51D (F-6D) Lil Margaret            
Navy Harpoon on a Grass Strip      
Some Assembly Required: B-17E/XC-108 Desert Rat     

Part Five: Recovering the Big Fleets: Squadrons Return 
Rescued from a Desert Boneyard: The B-29s of China Lake      
Corsairs Recovered from Honduras           
Latin American Mustangs Fuel the Warbird Movement             

Epilogue: They’re Still Out There . . .          

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"Veronico combines one part history and one part adventure to come up with an engaging and informative tribute to the people and organizations that have saved rare hidden warbirds for the future. Nick Veronico has pulled together a fascinating mixture of stories and photographs that trace the saving of many historic warbirds. He has unearthed a treasure-trove of historic photos and combined them with an engaging story to guide the reader through the fascinating efforts to save some of the hidden warbirds." - Dennis R. Jenkins, Author and Historian

Hidden Warbirds provides richly detailed accounts of warbird recovery and restoration, crossing through the decades with amazing stories of finding and recovering forgotten warplanes from around the world. Everything from P-61 Black Widows to Japanese fighters to B-17s to Navy Helldivers, this book gets behind the scenes in text and rare photos to document how these airplane were found and recovered, and tempts with stories about those still out there waiting to be discovered. Highly recommended for anyone interested in warbirds, warbird history, or adventure stories in general. - Scott Thompson, Author ofFinal Cut: The Post-War B-17 Flying Fortress and Survivors

"Warbirds is lavishly illustrated with color photos — many before and after — which I found hypnotic. That some of these hulks and wrecks could be reassembled and brought back to life and flown again even after the passage of more than 60 years is simply incredible." - The Baltimore Sun

"Read this book if you are interested in learning about the culture of people and organizations which search and find historic aircraft wrecks of the Second World War. Better, read this book if you want to learn the back stories of the recovery of many of these warbird wrecks from WW II to flying status as well as becoming exhibits in museums. Best, read this book for the stories of the service personnel who died within or survived the crashes that wrecked these aircraft — often, incredible stories of survival after becoming stranded in the remotest of territories are part of each war wreck's tale. Veronico also does what the best non-fiction authors do — he provides context as well as perspective. He tells us how warbird restoration began and evolved with the times including the influence of internet resources. He also describes how restoration, at first basic, became a craft of the highest order with incredible attention to detail and authenticity. This story is told by a person who has been there and can relate his knowledge in a gifted way. Nicholas Veronico finishes with an epilogue that will make most of this book's readers jump up and look for the many more remaining Hidden Warbirds." - Travel for Aircraft Blog, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"I wholeheartedly recommend this book to you. I sincerely hope that this book is but the first in the series and if so, I will be the first one in line to purchase volume two." - WarbirdsResourceGroup.org

"The tales of aircraft rescue and rehabilitation told in Hidden Warbirds: The Epic Stories of Finding, Recovering, and Rebuilding WWII's Lost Aircraft demonstrate that many of the World War II aicraft we see today in aviation museums around the world exist solely due to the efforts of an array of eccentric collectors and aviation enthusiasts. Hidden Warbirds is in many ways a thank you to those salvagers and restorers who are still hunting the jungles, oceans, and deserts in search of World War II aircraft." - DefenseMediaNetwork.com

"... we look forward to a second volume equally as fascinating as this one. Make sure you grab a copy of this book. It is full of the "WOW" factor!" - Classic Wings (UK)

"Fans of World War II aircraft will love this unique book!" - Military Officer

"In many ways, Hidden Warbirds is a treasure hunt for adults; a delightful way to enjoy the magic of finding and recovering increasingly rare pieces of aviation history. Not everyone has the money or expertise to actively participate in such adventures, but Veronico has done an excellent job of placing readers right on the ground with those who do recover these planes and with many of them in such remote locations, the tales are quite epic." - AlaskaDispatch.com

"This work details the art and science of World War II-era aircraft recovery and restoration. Zenith has produced a handsome, full-color book printed on archival quality stock, sturdily bond in cloth that easily lays flat when open, and obviously is intended to serve as a handbook of repeated reference." - Air Power History

"This is a comprehensive reference work that begins with an insightful history of how interest in war surplus aircraft evolved into today's warbird movement. Hidden Warbirds is a beautiful book, published on high-quality paper with plenty of color." - Aviation History