Noble Warrior The Story of Maj. Gen. James E. Livingston, USMC (Ret.), Medal of Honor

Noble Warrior by James Livingston, Colin Heaton and Anne-Marie Lewis

The Story of Maj. Gen. James E. Livingston, USMC (Ret.), Medal of Honor

Format: Hardback, 272 Pages
ISBN: 9780760338070
Publisher: Zenith Press
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New addition to the "Commandant of the Marine Reading List, 2011"


Major General James E. Livingston received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his role as an infantry company commander at Dai Do, Vietnam, during a three-day grinding battle of attrition in which the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, numbering only 800 men, victoriously battled 10,000 or more NVA. His remarkable life and career is recounted in a book that has it all: exciting first-person eyewitness account of historic battle; the history of the development of tactics and strategies used in today’s war on terror; and a compelling story of leadership in action and individual courage in combat.

Major General James E. Livingston retired from the United States Marine Corps following more than thirty years of active duty service. He and his wife, Sara, live in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Professor Colin D. Heaton served in the U.S. Army and later the U.S. Marines. He was a guest historian on the History Channel program Dogfights: "Secret Weapons," and he has authored several books of military history, including German Anti-Partisan Warfare in Europe 1939--1945 and Night Fighters: The Luftwaffe and RAF Air Combat over Europe, 1939--1945, which he coauthored with Anne-Marie Lewis. He has taught history and military history at American Military University. 

Anne-Marie Lewis received her BA with honors and MA from American Military University in international relations and is also a professional photographer. She lives in Southport, North Carolina.

Format: Hardback, 272 Pages
ISBN: 9780760338070
Illustrations: 23 b-w photos, 7 maps
Size: 5.5 in x 8.5 in x 1 in / 139.7 mm x 215.9 mm x 25.4 mm

"When you consider that 80% of all Medals of Honor are awarded posthumously, his story is even more inspiring because, despite wounds received, his service in the Marines was far from over after that battle."

"Noble Warrior is more than the story of Maj. Gen. James Livingston and how he earned the Medal of Honor. It is an excellent book on leadership that uses his story to convey the lessons."


"Marine leaders and those who seek to lead will surely benefit from this book. The often blunt, direct style is refreshing and makes it an easy read. The pearls of wisdom are there as is the dramatic battle leadership examples."

"Noble Warrior is two parts U.S. military history, with exciting first-hand accounts of critical battles, and one part opinion narrative regarding the state of affairs in America today, chiefly military and political affairs."

"Noble Warrior documents the life and career of a major general who has seen historic battles and who analysis these events at the highest military level. Personal stories of battlefront experiences and his Medal of Honor actions makes for a powerful survey of a World War II vet who also helped plan and execute the evacuation of Saigon. Military collections will find this inspiring, vivid reading!"

"Maj. Gen. James Livingston is an authentic Marine hero...Reading the descriptions of fighting, I am reminded of a quote from Gen. J. Holland Smith about the battle on Iwo Jima, 'uncommon valor was a common virtue.' I think that quote could justly be applied to Livingston and his men at Dang Ha."