How To Build a Cheap Hot Rod

How To Build a Cheap Hot Rod by Dennis Parks and Dennis Parks

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Format: Trade Paperback , 192 Pages
ISBN: 9780760323489
Publisher: Motorbooks
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The ever-escalating cost of building or buying a hot rod is leaving more and more would-be hot rodders behind. This book will get those hopefuls off the sidelines by showing how a hot rod can be built for less than the cost of, say, a new Hyundai.

Author Dennis Parks documents his own project--building a quintessentially cool Model T roadster from a "Track-T" kit--showing in step-by-step detail how to turn a pile of parts into a rockin hot rod. He provides a detailed, easy-to-follow guide for building a car of your own.

The advice and instructions cover every aspect of an affordable hot rod build, from establishing the target vehicle and budget, to finding parts, building the car, and fine tuning the finished vehicle on the road.

With Parks' money-saving tips and photo-supported how-to sequences, virtually anyone with minimal mechanical skills and the will to use them can be sure of building their hot rod right, and for the right price. The book also includes a full resource guide and recommendations for further reading.

Dennis W. Parks has written several best-selling how-to books for the Motorbooks Workshop series, including How to Paint Your Car, How to Build a Cheap Hot Rod, Hot Rod Body and Chassis Builder's Guide, and The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair. Parks' personal projects currently include a complete buildup of a 1955 Chevy pickup truck. He lives in Cedar Hill, Missouri.

Dennis Parks is a professional technical writer and the author of several how-to books for MBI, including How to Build a Hot Rod, How to Build a Hot Rod Model A Ford, How to Restore and Customize Auto Upholstery and Interiors, and How to Paint Your Car. He lives near St. Louis, Missouri.
Format: Trade Paperback , 192 Pages
ISBN: 9780760323489
Illustrations: 293 color photos, 15 diagrams
Size: 8.25 in x 10.625 in x 0.375 in / 210 mm x 270 mm x 10 mm





Chapter One: Build It in Your Mind     

What You Want versus What You Can Afford

Type of Vehicle           

What You Already Have         

Dream Vehicle 

Major Components     




Other Components      


Wheels and Tires         

Brake System  

Fuel System     

Cooling System           

Everything Else

Budgeting Money        

Lump Sum Available    

Pay as You Go

Budgeting Time

Do It Yourself 

Trading Work  

Sidebar: Photo Collection of Relatively Low-Dollar Hot Rods to Inspire Creativity . . .  

Chapter Two: Where to Find Parts      

Swap Meet     

Visual and Hands-On Inspection          


Immediate Availability  

Bargain Prices 

Cash Is King   


Sight Unseen   

Photos at Best 

Questionable Description         

Not 100 Percent Accurate Condition   

May Not Be What It Is Thought to Be 

Shipping Expense        

Additional Methods of Payment           



Credit Cards   

  Certified Check

Classified Ads 

Poor Quality Photos    

Questionable Description         

Limited Methods of Payment   

Local Hot Rod Shop or Auto Parts Store         

Can Offer Expertise     

New Parts, More Expensive    


New Parts, More Expensive    

Wide Selection of Parts and Manuf