Subtitle Eco-spiritual reflections, mantras & meditations

Rebecca Reitz
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Be empowered by eco-spirituality in this gorgeous devotional dedicated to celebrating and respecting nature's wisdom.

Embrace enlightening meditations, mantras and visual messages of hope to uplift your heart, mind and soul. With Colorado-based illustrator Rebecca Reitz (contributor to @spiritdaughter) as your earthy, magical guide, this is the definitive ‘prayer’ book every nature devotee will cherish.

Let this book take you on a path towards tranquility, grounding your energy in the spiritually rich world around you and finding calm with the healing power of the natural world.

In this book, you will be taken on a spiritual journey through six seasonal chapters of meditations, mantras and reflections

  • Early Spring | Quiet Growth
  • Late Spring | Blossoming
  • Summer | Emergence
  • Early Fall | Reconnection
  • Late Fall | Preparation
  • Winter | Stillness
Truly stunning illustrations and a beautiful design accompany the insightful teachings and meditations throughout this book, making it an object to treasure as well as an invaluable guide in the journey towards inner peace thorugh nature.
Format Hardcover Book 192 Pages
ISBN 9780711280687
Size4.33 in x 6.69 in / 110.00 mm x 170.00 mm
Published Date March 14th, 2023
Rebecca Reitz

Rebecca Reitz is a eco-spirituality advocate and illustrator. She has a deep respect for nature and all the meditations, teachings, and musings that arise from her time lived in it. Rebecca lives in Denver,  Colorado, USA.

With her work @spiritdaughter and personal designs, she aims to inspire others to notice, appreciate and respect the spiritual energies, power and  patterns of nature, through the seasons, elements and the divine feminine aka mother nature. You can find her perpetually inspired by the nature and mountains surrounding her, always seeking where the universe may take her next.

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