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When the Storks Came Home, the second picture book from best-selling author and globally significant conservationist Isabella Tree, is a charming, fictionalised retelling of the successful reintroduction of the white stork at the Knepp Estate, a UK native bird which has been brought back from extinction.

Eight-year-old Beanie loves birds. When she discovers that huge white storks used to live in her own village but were hunted to extinction in the UK 600 years ago, she is determined to find a way to bring them back.

But reintroducing a vanished species is not so simple! Storks can fly hundreds of miles, so releasing storks into the local countryside won't be enough to make them return and stay for good. With the help of other villagers, Beanie hatches a plan…  

Beautiful illustrations help bring this powerful and important story to life, teaching children about conservation and their environment in an accessible way.

As with every Ivy Kids book, When the Storks Came Home is printed as sustainably as possible on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, locally in the UK.

Praise for Isabella Tree's first picture book When We Went Wild:
‘A charming inoculation of pure wild life – just what Dr. Earth ordered.’ CHRIS PACKHAM
‘This book would sit brilliantly on any nature-loving child’s bookshelf’ BBC WILDLIFE MAGAZINE
‘Charms young readers with the power of rewilding’ NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER
‘I love this book. It actually made me cry’ PAM AYRESSunday Times best-selling author & presenter.
‘A gorgeous and true fable that will delight and inspire the next generation of young rewilders.’ PATRICK BARKHAMAuthor & Guardian journalist.

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ISBN 9780711272798
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Published Date September 6th, 2022
Isabella Tree
Isabella Tree is an award-winning nature and travel author, and conservation pioneer. Her bestselling adult book ‘Wilding - the return of nature to a British farm’ (200,000 copies sold) tells the story of Knepp, the groundbreaking rewilding project in West Sussex, UK, that she started with her husband, the environmentalist Charlie Burrell. 
Alexandra Finkeldey

Alexandra Finkeldey is an illustrator based in Ottawa, Canada. She uses both traditional and digital mediums to capture her favourite subjects, which typically include animals, people, plants, and food. She has long been inspired by nature, animation, travel, and video games, which has translated into vibrant and often unreal colour palettes as they appear in her work. 

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