Melody Cheng, Helen Wu, Janet Wang
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Description Description Lucky Cat! is a heartwarming story about an immigrant family in America, and a new friend their daughter Mel makes as they prepare to open their restaurant.

Mel's family have a new home in America. There's plenty to do before their restaurant opens, but Mama is excited when she finds the previous owners have left a Lucky Cat! 

It's meant to bring good luck to their ventures, and Mel is even more excited the next evening when she finds that the statue can come to life.

But unfortunately, Lucky Cat doesn't seem that lucky. He has the best intentions but he knocks over the vinegar bottle, rips holes in people's clothing and sneezes on all the customers.

Luckily, Mel learns that real luck is earned through hard work and perseverance as the family embark on a new venture, close to their hearts. 
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Format Juvenile - Hardcover 0 Page
ISBN 9780711270473
Size0.00 in x 0.00 in / 0.00 mm x 0.00 mm
Published Date September 6th, 2022
Melody Cheng
Melody Cheng is a cohost of the hugely popular AsianBossGirl podcast. Born into a Taiwanese-American family in the Bay Area, she now lives in LA and works in media alongside her podcasting work, and is passionate about storytelling and connecting with people through digital and print media.
Helen Wu
Helen Wu is a cohost of the hugely popular AsianBossGirl podcast. She is from a Chinese-American background, born and raised in Boston, MA, and a transplant in LA. As well writing and hosting her podcast, she works for one of the big four accounting firms, and enjoys running and cooking.
Janet Wang
Janet Wang is a cohost of the hugely popular Asian BossGirl podcast. A Chinese-American SoCal native who has spent time in San Francisco, New York, Miami, and Kenya, before settling back into Los Angeles, she works in tech and enjoys storytelling and yoga.
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