Winter Gardens Reinventing the Season

Winter Gardens by Cedric Pollet

Reinventing the Season

Format: Hardback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9780711239159
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
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Cedric Pollet is the author / photographer of the acclaimed book Bark: An Intimate Look at the World's Trees (over 50,000 sales worldwide). In his next book, he visits 20 of the most beautiful winter gardens in France and the UK, showing with stunning photography the ways in which they delight in this often neglected season, using structural planting, subtle textures, and pops of colour from branches and berries. The second half of the book is an illustrated directory of over 300 plants which encourage readers to achieve these effects in their own gardens. There is nothing else available like this large format inspirational reference book, by one of today's masters of garden photography.

Cédric Pollet has combined his scientific background and his passion for plants to create a highly informative text, which compliments the beauty of his photographs. He is the author of Bark: An Intimate Look at the World's Trees, which was awarded the Redouté Prix Artistique for 2009 in his native France and sold over 50,000 copies worldwide.

Format: Hardback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9780711239159
Illustrations: Four colour throughout
Size: 9.646 in x 12.598 in / 245 mm x 320 mm
In his fabulous new book, Pollet showcases the rich palettes, luminous colours and fierce evergreens that populate nature at its nippiest. Featuring more than 20 breathtaking gardens in the UK and France, it will have you pulling on your wellies before you've even put it down. 
To ignore the opportunities brought by winter is to dismiss at least a quarter of the gardening year, especially now that the selection of winter plants presently available to gardeners is vastly improved… Such is the point driven home by Cedric Pollet, whose richly coloured new work is a call to view this neglected season in a completely new way.  Pollet deftly highlights the fact that most winter pleasures are revealed only to those who will look…. This is a glorious book to be savoured on a long, damp afternoon. 
The best winter gardens in the UK and France, highlighting an indispensable palette of plants used in their creation. This book will appeal to plantsmen and garden designers alike, as well as those who simply enjoy visiting gardens,
“I think it’s a beautiful book that will be well received in the UK. The photography is brilliant and shows the gardens off to their best. You have picked the best gardens in the UK and I believe that people will want to buy a copy, including myself.” 
"This book is a beautiful guide to the best gardens to enjoy all that is amazing about winter in the plant world and the wonderful photography brings everything to life!  Showcasing the seasons in a garden are very important to creating all year interest and diversity and for me winter is one of the most beautiful, where choosing plants wisely can help to create a dazzling display. You may think that the range of plants is limited but that’s not the case as this book highlights.”
"Cédric Polletis to be congratulated not only for providing such stunning photographs illuminating winter colour in all its glory, but also for the detailed research he has put into this superb book."
"a startling riot of colour and texture"
"Page after page of spectacular textures and colours... This book reminds us that gardening is life and life goes on in every moment... Winter is as alive and vibrant as summer - when you let it be. Here's a way to make it so."