The Pencil Book

The Pencil Book by Miri Flower

Loads of things you can make or do with a pencil

Format: Paperback / softback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9780711235847
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
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Inspired by the hugely successful Stick Book

The Pencil Book is packed full of ideas for things to make and do with a pencil. It provides a starting point for an active imagination and brings together drawing, creating, picture making, adventures, craft, games and play. It opens up a world of creativity, with plenty of photographs to add inspiration and with fun facts dotted throughout (did you know that a pencil will write in zero gravity, upside down and under water, or that the world’s biggest pencil stands at 65ft high?).

Miri Flower offers creative and inventive suggestions for things to do with a pencil, including:

• Making a pencil-pot • Mirror pictures • Stamping with pencil erasers • Nature walks  • Using pencil shavings to make an image • Stone drawings • Doodles • Playing games • Making gifts

MIRI FLOWER lives on the south coast of England. Her love of arts and crafts led her to create the much-loved blog, which continues to inspire parents around the world. All the projects are tested and refined by her three children, who are home-schooled. Miri and her family live in a Waldorf-inspired way, following the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, who believed that children’s lives were vitally enriched by engaging in hands-on activities and creative play.

Format: Paperback / softback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9780711235847
Illustrations: 100 illustrations
Size: 7.874 in x 0.311 in x 5.512 in / 200 mm x 7.9 mm x 140 mm

'There is so much information in these beautifully presented books’

'packed with tried and tested ideas for developing early writing skills… a dream come true for for keeping children busy during the holidays.’

‘A fabulous craft book full of inventive, creative and fun projects… should be an essential part of every parent's armoury.’