The Art of British Rock

The Art of British Rock by Mike Evans

50 Years of Rock Posters, Flyers and Handbills

Format: Paperback / softback, 212 Pages
ISBN: 9780711234734
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
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Celebrating a half century of design in posters, flyers and advertising ephemera, The Art of British Rock highlights the UK’s distinct contribution to rock’n’roll graphics. From custom designed posters for provincial ballrooms in the late 50s to the computer-generated images of today, rock music illustration has reflected – and influenced – crucial changes in popular visual art. With classic examples (some unseen for many years) of key styles including pop art, psychedelic illustration, punk 'do-it-yourself' and digital imaging, the book documents the stunning visual style of British rock from the era of the Beatles

and Rolling Stones to the present-day art of indie guitar bands, cutting-edge soloists and contemporary clubland.

Arranged chronologically, The Art of British Rock features more than 350 posters

ranging from the work of anonymous artists to internationally acclaimed designers

including the Hapshash group in the 60s, Hipgnosis and Barney Bubbles in the 70s, and

Malcolm Garrett, Peter Saville and Vaughan Oliver in the 80s and beyond. All are the subject of special features within each chapter. Concluding with the mix of retro and state-of-the-art design that has characterised rock poster illustration in the first decade of the 21st century, this is a unique account of more than 50 years of British rock’n’roll art.

With a background as a musician on the 60s rock scene, MIKE EVANS began writing about popular music in the 70s. As a freelance journalist he was a regular contributor to Melody Maker and his work appeared in UK rock magazines including Sounds and Cream. As author his books have included the much acclaimed The Art of the Beatles in 1984, the best-selling Elvis: A Celebration (2002), Waking Up In New York City in 2003, and Ray Charles: The Birth of Soul in 2005. The Beats (an illustrated account of the Beat Generation) appeared in 2007, and Woodstock: Three Days That Shook the World in 2009. He lives and works in London, dividing his time between writing and a freelance editorial consultancy.
Ever since he first started working, PAUL PALMER-EDWARDS has been lucky enough to combine his love of music, and of design and designing; from making coffee for Brian Eno, to pasting-up music ads and record covers for EMI records in the 1970s, he managed to find time to perform with a succession of bands (appearing on the short-lived Cabaret Futura live album). Throughout the 1980s, he honed his design skills working for many of the major design companies of that era, while continuing to gig around London, until finally hanging up his guitar to concentrate on design. In 2000, he co-founded Grade Design, specialising in publishing, and has since worked on many award-winning projects as well as being a regular contributor to the Mojo letters page.

Format: Paperback / softback, 212 Pages
ISBN: 9780711234734
Illustrations: over 350 colour illustrations
Size: 10.984 in x 0.433 in x 9.764 in / 279 mm x 11 mm x 248 mm
Edition: PB Reissue

Chapter 1

Early Days

Jerry Lee Lewis 58

Buddy Holly 58

Beatles/Acker Bilk 61

Beatles, New Brighton 61

Billy Fury package/ 62

Beatles/Gerry & Pacemakers 63

Chuck Berry 63

Beatles. Exeter 63

Rolling Stones. Sheffield 63

Beatles. Torquay 63

Early Club feature

Everly Brothers package 63

Detours (Who), Ealing 63

Detours,(Who), Leicetser Square 63

Animals. Swindon 65

Buddy Guy, Ware 65

Bristol Chinese Jazz Club 65

Uxbridge Blues/Folk Festival 65

Who, Club Noreik 65

Gerry package, Yarmouth 66

Kinks, Torquay 66

Jeff Beck. Torquay 67

Chapter 2

Mod, Pop Art

Rolling Stone, Hereford 63

Beatles , Liverpool 63

Beatles Xmas show, 63

High Numbers (Who), Harrow 64

Alan Price, Exeter 67

Who, Marquee Maximum R&B 64

Who, Marquee art exhibition 2007

Pop Art feature

Who, Pictures of Lily 67

Who , Windsor 65

Who, Portsmouth 65

Who Portsmouth 67

Pink Floyd, Portsmouth 67

Manfred Mann package, Exeter 65

Package show, Newcastle 67

Package show, B’ham 68

Hendrix, Windsor 67

Cream, Southampton 67

All Night Party (Floyd) Leeds 67

Pink Floyd, Hampstead 68

Move, Marquee 67 [Hapshash]

Midnight Rave 67

Fleetwood Mac, Regents St Poly 67

Chapter 3


Dylan, Royal Albert Hall 66

Luv Me [Hapshash]

Coming to UFO[Hapshash]

Pink Floyd UFO[Hapshash]

5th Dimension[Hapshash]

Arthur Brown[Hapshash]

Hendrix Saville Theatre[Hapshash]

Who [Hapshash]

Hendrix Filmore[Hapshash]

Julie Felix [Hapshash]

Photo in Hapshahsh studio

Hapshash feature

interview, Nigel Waymouth

Paul McCartney [Richard Avedon]

John Lennon [Richard Avedon]

Ringo Starr [Richard Avedon]

George Harrison [Richard Avedon]

Beatles [Richard Avedon]

Beatles [Alan Aldridge]

Oz magazine ad [Martin Sharp]

Oz cover [Martin Sharp]

Oz cover [Martin Sharp]

[plus other Oz covers]

Underground Press feature

interview, Barry Miles

International Times no 11

International Times /Dylan

[plus other IT covers]

International Times fund-raiser gig

Oz/Dylan [Martin Sharp]

Dylan [Martin Sharp]

Oz flower children /poster issue [Martin Sharp]

Hyde Park Legalise Pot rally [Martin Sharp]

Cream [Martin Sharp]

Cream album cover [Martin Sharp]

Hendrix [Martin Sharp]

Live Give Love [Martin Sharp]

Donovan [Martin Sharp]

A is for Apple [The Fool]

‘Wonderwall’ movie poster

‘Yellow Submarine’ movie poster

Summer of Love 40th/ 2007 [Adrian Day]

Summer of Love 40th/ 2007 [Matt Douthwaite]

Summer of Love 40th/ 2007 [Mongsterr]

Chapter 4

Prog Rock

10cc/ Deceptive bends [Thorgerson]

Alan Parsons [Thorgerson]

Cranberries [Thorgerson]

Floyd sticker [Thorgerson]

Floyd / Pulse [Thorgerson]

Floyd/Back Catalogue [Thorgerson]

Hipgnosis feature

interview, Storm Thorgerson ???

Roger Dean feature

Interview Roger Dean

unspecified Roger Dean material

King Crimson tbc

Emerson, Lake & Palmer tbc

Bowie/ Aladin Sane 73

Bowie/ Ziggy Stardust 72

+ add more Bowie?

Lindisfarne 78

Be Bop De Luxe/Penzance 74

Roxy Music tbc

Chapter 5

Punk and New Wave

Eddie & Hot Rods 76

AC/DC/ Manchester 77

Roxy Club gig list 77

Roxy Club / Heartbreakers 77

Damned/ Neat Neat Neat 77 [Barney Bubbles]

Adverts/ Gary Gilmour’s Eyes 77

Alternative TV 77

Sex Pistols/ Anarchy in UK [Jamie Reid]

Sex Pistols/ Coventry

Sex Pistols flyer [Jamie Reid]

Sex Pistols/ Holidays in the Sun [Jamie Reid]

Sex Pistols/ God Save the Queen [Jamie Reid]

Sex Pistols/ Pretty Vacant [Jamie Reid]

Sex Pistols/ Rock’n’Roll Swindle

Malcom Garrett feature

Interview Malcom Garrett

Buzzcocks/Orgasm Addict 77 [Malcolm Garrett]

Xray Spex/ Oh Bondage 77 [Poly Styrene]

Xray Spex/ Day World Turned Day-Glo 78 [Poly Styrene]

Clash/ White Riot 77

Clash / London Calling 79

Clash/ Cut the Crap 85

Badges spread

Jam/ Sound Affects 80

Jam/ In the City 77

Elvis Costello/ My Aim is True 77

Barney Bubbles feature

Interview Paul Gorman, BB biographer

Rumour/Frogs 79 [Barney Bubbles]

Rumour/ Clogs 79

Rumour/ Krauts 79

Rumour/ Sprouts 79

NME Book of Modern Music

Hawkwind / Love & Peace 74

Hawkwind/ Astounding Sounds 76

Soft Boys 78

Ian Dury Songbook 79

Blockheads logo 78

Elvis Costello 77

Elvis Costello/ Get Happy 80

Elvis Costello/ Get Happy tour 80

Squeeze/Cool for Cats

Art of Noise 86

Souixie/ Singles album 92

Siouxie/ Dazzle 84

Dance Craze movie

Chapter 6

Brit Rock to Brit Pop

Rolling Stones/ Euro Tour 73 [John Pasche]

Rolling Stones’ UK Tour 71 [John Pasche]

Rolling Stones/ Tongue logo [John Pasche]

Rolling Stones/Tattoo You 81

Rolling Stones/ Harlem Shuffle 86

Pete Townshend 82 [Richard Evans]

Who programme 81 [Richard Evans]

Who programme 79 [Richard Evans]

Festivals feature

Windsor Jazz and Blues Festival

Bath Blues 69

Bath Blues 70

Isle of Wight 69

Isle of Wight 70

T shirts spread

Iron Maiden/ Maiden Hell [Hugh Gilmour]

Iron Maiden/ Dio [Hugh Gilmour]

Iron Maiden/ Virtual XI [Hugh Gilmour]

Hugh Gilmour feature

interview Hugh Gilmour

Whitesnake logo [Hugh Gilmour]

Motorhead [Hugh Gilmour]

Stranglers [Hugh Gilmour]

Thunder [Hugh Gilmour]

Led Zeppelin/ Mothership [Hugh Gilmour]

Led Zeppelin/ Swan Song

Black Sabbath


Motorhead logo

U2/ Boy 80

Talk Talk/ Give It Up 86

ABC/ How To Be A Zillionaire 85

Smiths/ Meat Is Murder 85

Smiths/ Shoplifters 86

Smiths/World Wont Listen 84

Smiths/Girlfriend in a Coma 86


Pulp/ Common People 94

Pulp/ Mis-Shapes 95

Blur/ Best Of 2000 [Julian Opie]

Blur/ Out of Time 2000 [Banksy]

Blur/ Think Tank 03 [Banksy]

Oasis/Definitely Maybe 94

Oasis/Roll With It 94

Oasis/Don't Look Back in Anger 96

Oasis/Cigarettes and Alcohol 94

Oasis/There and Then 96

Chapter 7

Club, Dance and Techno

Duritti Column [8vo]

Joy Divison/ Unknown Pleasures [Savile]

Halucienda 89 [Saville]

Joy Divison/ Substance

New Order/ Brixton Academy 87

Hacienda I

Peter Saville feature

Interview Peter Saville

Factory postcard 90

Factory flyer 78

Hacienda 4th Birthday [8vo]

Fac 2 sampler

Eric B & Rakim [Trevor Jackson]

Jimmy Sommerville 89 [Me Co]

Flyguys 89 [Me Co]

Tackhead sticker [Me Co]

Pixies/ Velouria [Vaughan Oliver]

Pixies/ Bossa Nova [Vaughan Oliver]

Heidi Berry [Vaughan Oliver]

Pale Saints/ Comforts [Vaughan Oliver]

Lush/ Black Spring [Vaughan Oliver]

Rave feature

Blackburn Warehouse party

London Warehouse party

Blast Off


Spital Tribe sound system

Spectrum/Theatre of Madness

Kratwerk/ Pocket Calculator

Chapter 8

New Images

Radiohead/ Xendless Xurbia

Zu [Peter Murgatroyd]

Prefuse [Peter Murgatroyd]

Clinic [Peter Murgatroyd]

Scotch Egg [Peter Murgatroyd]

Coral [Jermaine Rogers]

Petting Zoo/ Fat Fox club [The Pinch]

Wintersleep [Robert Ralph]

Franz Ferdinand

Heavy Load/ Stay Up Late [Dan Johnson]

Need2Soul [iwant design]

Need2Soul/Q Tips [iwant design]

Fertilizer Festival [iwant design]

Danceflaw [Non-Format]

The Heads [Johnny O Rocket]

Bonnie Prince Billy [

Jeffrey Lewis [Tom Newell]

Daniel Johnstone [Tom Newell]

Slow Club [Tom Newell]

BondeRole [Jemma Treweek]

Vashta Bunyan [Jemma Treweek]

Kylesa [Jemma Treweek]

A Hawk & A Hacksack [Kathryn Cooper]

Cowtown [Kathryn Cooper]

Le Singe Blanc [Kathryn Cooper]

Big Business [Drew Millward]

Black Moth Super Rainbow [Drew Millward]

Faith No More [Drew Millward]

The Tallest Man on Earth [Drew Millward]

Mogwai [Drew Millward]

Electric Frankenstein [Drew Millward]

Le Club Des Chats [Drew Millward]

Queens of the Stone Age/Hammersmith Apollo

White Stripes/ Alexandra Palace 2005

The Yanks Are Coming feature

The Coral [Denis Loren]

Decemberists [Guy Burwell]

PJ Harvey [Emek]

Tomahawk [Justin Hampton]

Eric Clapton/Albert Hall [Firehouse]

Gorillaz [Jamie Hewlett]

The Kills/ Koko

Seasick Steve tour poster

Arctic Monkeys

Wedding Present/ El Rey [Dan Johnson]

British Sea Power/ Newhaven Fort [Dan Johnson]

Deadmeadow [Dan Johnson]

Pete Doherty book [Pete Doherty]

Libertines/ Century

Libertines/ Simplicissimus

Amy Winehouse [AIGA Design]

‘Try to resist the urge to cut them all out and Blu Tack them to your wall.’

'If you're the kind of person who hankers for the halcyon days when promoting a gig didn't simply involve cobbling a Facebook group together, 'The Art of British Rock' deserves a spot on your coffee table.'

"The book begins with rock and roll and continues to light on the graphic art that came out of mod, punk, pop rock, and rave music. Including everyone from Jimi Hendrix to David Bowie to the Sex Pistols to the Queens of the Stone Age, this book is a complete look at the vibrant visual movement that arose along with British rock." - Complex Magazine Online