Ashling Kwok
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Description Description Every Sunday Lola visits her Grandpa. They spend the day exploring the universe and teaching each other about the world. But then one day everything changes. Grandpa isn’t there anymore. Lola struggles to deal with the loss. But as time goes by Lola realizes that her Grandpa will always be with her - in her heart and in the memories they made. Lola and Grandpa is a beautiful and reassuring story of love, loss, and the value of memories.
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Format Paper Over Board 32 Pages
ISBN 9780648652809
Size9.90 in x 10.00 in / 251.46 mm x 254.00 mm
Published Date November 10th, 2020
Ashling Kwok
Ashling Kwok is a children’s author from Sydney. She is obsessed with children’s literature and loves immersing herself in a magical world where anything is possible. When she’s not working on her manuscripts, Ashling can be found scouring local bookstores in search of inspiration. She hopes to continue to write stories that take children on a journey and hopefully touch their hearts.
Yvonne Low

Yvonne Low is a writer, illustrator and award-winning artist who enjoys playing with words and colours and is particularly inspired by nature. As an artist, Yvonne works in pencil and watercolour, pen and ink, acrylic, pastel and digital media. Yvonne is published with Little Pink Dog Books, Christmas Press, ABC Commercial and The School Magazine.

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