A Guide to the 7 Chakras

Most people know that we are more than just our physical bodies. We have a certain essence that we can feel and chakras are the key. They are the gateway through which the spirit affects the physical body. They reside along the spinal column and interact with nerve plexuses. There is a lot to uncover about chakras and how they can help you connect your spirit and physical body. If you are looking to connect more with your spiritual side, learning about chakras can help. Get started with The Key to the Chakras.

A chart of where in the body the seven chakras are located.

The Seven Chakras

In the most popularly accepted system, there are seven chakras that span vertically from your tailbone to the top of your head. From the bottom up, they are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown.


Revolving Doors

The word “chakra” comes from the yoga related language, Sanskrit, and it means “wheel” or “spinning disk.” This is a pretty apt name for these energy centers since each one spins like a mini-vortex. Still, it may serve you better to think of each chakra as a revolving door.

Just as revolving doors let people in and out, your chakras allow energy to move in and out of your body. They continually take energy in, assimilate it, and send it back out. In order for you to thrive, these doors must be healthy and open, and your energy flowing. When it is, you can live fully, taking in all that life has to offer and expressing all that you have to give.


Energetic Frequencies

Each chakra corresponds to a different energetic frequency, with the root being the densest and

the crown the lightest. And each one relates to different aspects of your life—for example, wealth, power, sexuality, love, communication, psychic ability, and connection to the Divine.

The lower, more slowly vibrating chakras (one, two, and three) relate to your physical existence, while the more quickly vibrating upper chakras (five, six, and seven) relate to your spiritual experience. They are associated with your highest purpose—your psychic abilities, and your connection to the Divine, respectively.

The heart is the sweet balance point of your chakra field, the bridge between your physical and spiritual aspects. When your chakras are truly balanced and you are in your most energetically healthy state, you are naturally in a state of love.

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The Key to the Chakras.  Learn to unblock your energy pathways and balance your chakras in order to awaken your true potential.The chakras are the seven centers through which energy flows in the human body. Gain an understanding of each of the chakras and their associated colors, emotions, and physical actions. Discover practical techniques for healing and unblocking the chakras, and find out how the chakras can work in tandem with aura reading, crystal healing, and aromatherapy.

Perfect for those working with the chakras at beginner and intermediate level, The Key to the Chakras provides an overview of the seven chakras and includes interactive lessons, meditations, and exercises that will teach you to find balance and inner calm.