Tarot de Marseille: The Mandala Spread

Reading and interpreting tarot card spreads can bring a sense of knowing and confidence to ones life while also resolving many unanswered questions. So, how do you interpret your cards? There are actually a variety of ways to reveal cards to be read. One of the most popular methods is the mandala spread. Check out this excerpt from Mary Packard’s Tarot de Marseille on how to read a mandala spread. 

The Mandala Spreadtarot de marsailles tarot cards mandala spread

The human psyche is a mysterious mix of learned knowledge, deeply ingrained habits, instincts, dreams, hopes, and fears. The Mandala layout is one way to begin examining how these factors can influence our actions. In his writings, Carl Jung says the mandala is “the psychological expression of the totality of the self.” He also notes that “the severe pattern imposed by a circular image of this kind compensates the disorder and confusion of the psychic state—namely, through the construction of a central point to which everything is related.”

CARD 1, PRESENT MOOD: Deals with one’s present energy concerning an issue that needs examining

CARD 2, OBSTACLES TO CHANGE: Addresses a factor that currently impedes one’s ability to change course

CARD 3, INSTINCTIVE REACTION TO A PROBLEM: Indicates a gut response to an issue

CARD 4, REAL ACHIEVEMENTS AT THIS TIME: Reflects successes that have already been accomplished

CARD 5, EMOTIONAL CRUTCHES: Deals with faulty beliefs that are a hindrance to growth

CARD 6, POSITIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS: Reveals virtues likely to lead to success

CARD 7, GREATEST EMOTIONAL STRENGTH: A force within that can help one prevail during tough times

CARD 8, SELF-IMAGE: Deals with the way one defines oneself

CARD 9, OVERARCHING IDEALS AND DREAMS:  Reveals one’s ultimate hopes and dreams within the framework of one’s most deeply held beliefs

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