5 Steps to Dividing Perennials or Ornamental Grass

When dividing perennials or ornamental grass, it is important to wait until after the last frost. This may be hard to determine, but for Tennessee and Kentucky, it is usually early in the month of March. Dividing your perennials or ornamental grass will help them grow better in the upcoming growing season. You might want to water them a day or two before you plan to divide, but it is not necessary. Get more gardening tips in Tennessee & Kentucky Month by Month Gardening.

grass 1

Cut back the foliage on an overgrown perennial by about one fourth to reduce water loss in the transplanting process.

grass 2

Use a sharp spade to cut around the plant and gently lift as much of the root ball out of the ground as possible.

grass 3

Smaller root balls can usually be cut into pieces using a sharp knife. Larger clumps can be sliced with a sharp spade or pried apart using two back-to-back garden forks.

grass 4

Remove excess soil from the root ball so you can see what you are working with and remove any rotted or damaged roots.

grass 5

Replant the new plants as soon as possible at the same depth the plant was growing at or slightly higher to allow for settling, and water the soil thoroughly. If you can’t replant the same day, pot up the divisions and keep well-watered until they are established.

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