Beautifully Said: Monique Péan

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re sharing and celebrating the social and economic achievements of women. These beautiful and brilliant quotes are from the book Beautifully Said. Learn more about the book and the authors here.

Today’s quote is from Monique Péan who brought eco-chic to fine jewelry.


Monique Péan

{BORN 1981}


Monique was working on Wall Street when her teen sister’s death in a car crash made her radically rethink her future. Leaving behind a high-flying career in finance, she found a way to combine her passions for travel, design, and philanthropy by bringing eco-chic to the fine jewelry industry. Each of her stunning handmade collections is inspired by the indigenous cultures, traditional artisans, and locally sourced materials (think: meteors, dinosaur fossils, and woolly mammoth tusks!) from remote places where Monique has trekked. Her work has not only left the fashion industry greener, but it has also set the standard for giving with philanthropic initiatives that benefit developing countries.

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