3 Sherlock Holmes Puzzles

As the introduction to Solving Sherlock Holmes commands: do not read this book; play it!

Throughout its pages are puzzles that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson must solve. The puzzles react to famous characters, surroundings, and unusual events that were inspired by six classic Sherlock Holmes stories. For extra enjoyment, the plots have been slightly reimagined to add further mystery and purposely create more hurdles than Holmes and Watson had to overcome in the original stories.

Tune into your inner detective and sleuth out the answers to these three puzzles.

The Whistle Puzzle

sherlock holmes puzzle activity

“This is an extraordinary sight, Watson! Synonyms of the word whistle come out of this golden instrument, with their scattered letters blown around and floating in the air. Can you find one group of scattered letters that doesn’t form a synonym of whistle?

The Church Window Puzzle

sherlock holmes puzzle activity

“The church’s window arrangement of glass panels suggests a number problem, simple yet challenging, Watson. There are 9 areas, which consist of 8 panes and the top. How can you place the numbers 1 to 9 in each separate area without the numbers touching their neighbors in any direction (for example, 8 cannot touch a 9 or 7; and 4 cannot touch a 5 or 3, etc.)?”  (Hint: there are a couple of solutions.)

2704 Number Puzzle

sherlock holmes puzzle activity number game

“A remarkable number, this 2704, Watson, and easily memorized. Just remember you can arrive at it by simply inserting one or several arithmetic symbols between the nine digits below. How many math symbols do you need, not counting the parentheses?

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Since their first appearance in 1887, Detective Sherlock Holmes, and his trusty companion, Doctor John Watson, have fascinated readers for well over a century, and continue to be two of the most popular detective characters of all time. Who, then, could be better companions to accompany readers in this three-part puzzle adventure? With 144 different puzzles, including cryptograms, crosswords, ciphers, and many more, inspired by six classic Sherlock Holmes short stories, modern puzzle-solvers and Sherlock fans can search for hidden clues, navigate around different countrysides using tear-out maps for each chapter, and—most importantly—exercise their sharp intellect and keen perception skills, like Sherlock would, to solve each chapter’s adventure. Each illustrated chapter contains a tear-out map to guide readers through each story adventure and puzzles. Hours of fun and entertainment are awaiting inside, so stop reading and start playing!

Pierre Berloquin is a writer; creator of puzzles, board games, and multimedia games; designer; and a creative consultant. After studying at the École des Mines in Paris, France, he worked as an engineer, consultant, and professor while quickly becoming a renowned specialist of logical and mathematical games. Pierre has written over 50 books of puzzles, many of which are bestsellers.