DIY Mehndi Inspired Picture Frame

Follow the steps below and create a Mehndi inspired picture frame from Mehndi for the Inspired Artist. Use henna art to beautify a picture frame that will make a great gift or a lovely addition to your home.


• Acrylic paint cone (see page 16), any color
• Picture frame (any shape)

Frame 1, Mehndi for the Inspired Artist

Paint two diagonal lines close to each other on each corner of the frame.

Frame 2, Mehndi for the Inspired Artist

Paint swirls on the outsides of the lines, but keep a little distance in between the swirls.

Frame 3, Mehndi for the Inspired Artist

Paint petals around the swirls, and put dots on the outside of the petals.

Frame 4, Mehndi for the Inspired Artist

Paint a line that traces around the inside part of the frame, but not on the glass.

Frame 5, Mehndi for the Inspired Artist

Paint small petals on the lines around the inside of the frame, and put dots on the outside of the petals. To fill up the frame more, you can make more flowers in the empty spaces or paint additional layers of lines and petals.

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