Manifest Wishes and Hopes with this Dream Board

How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Take control of your life and manifest your dreams into reality with this cool dream board project from Create Your Life Book!

Manifest complete, Create Your Life Book

A dream board—also called a vision board, a manifestation board, or an affirmation board—can help clarify and maintain focus to achieve a specific life goal, project, or dream. It’s a tool that can serve as a visual representation of your hopes, needs, and ideal life.

You may be familiar with a traditional dream board that consists of words, images, and other elements cut out from magazines or newspapers and collaged on one surface. The idea is that if you display your board, see it daily, and dream about it, your goals and hopes for the future will be more easily and quickly manifested.

Exploration: Thinking into the Future
Though the intention of my dream board is like that of a traditional one, I take the concept a bit further. In addition to images of what I want (either collage images or my own drawings), I include a photo of myself as well as positive affirmations of my wishes and hopes. You can make a dream board at any time, but I love creating them at the beginning of a year or at the start of a new project to help manifest what I want for that year or for that particular project.

Because affirmations are most powerful and effective when they’re in the present tense, they must be stated as if they’re already true—for example, “I am loved” as opposed to “I will find love.” They also need to be personal, specific, and positive—“I am loved,” rather than “I don’t want to be unloved.”

Before you begin, close your eyes, focus on the year or project ahead, and think about what you would like to manifest in your life. These could be physical things, such as a new car or house, or a new relation- ship or trip. You may also want to improve your health, become more self-loving, or find more community.

Write down your ideas for your dream board in your Life Book Notebook or on a separate piece of paper. You can also include little doodles, words, and notes. When you’ve written them all down, start your art page.

Art Page: Dream Board
This art page features acrylic transfers, which are great for creating distressed, vintage-looking images. Acrylic transfers can be done on paper as well as on surfaces such as wood or plastic. Because this tech- nique creates mirror images of the print that’s being transferred, start by using Photoshop or another photo-editing program to reverse/mirror your image before printing it out if you want it to look the same as the original.

For collage elements, you can use old book pages, musical scores, tissue, or origami or scrap- book papers—anything that inspires you. You can use either symbolic or literal images to represent your wishes and dreams. For example, if you want more time to travel, you may opt for a butterfly or bird, or you can include images of the places you want to visit. Add other beautiful images to infuse your dream board with whatever will support and enhance the manifestation of your dreams and wishes. Also prepare printouts of your goal words, words of hope, and positive affirmations.

Transfer & Embellish the Main Image
1. Apply a thick layer of gel medium where you want to place your photo (or an image that represents you). Lay the image facedown on the medium. Use an old plastic card or other hard implement to smooth out any air bubbles (A).

Manifest A, Create Your Life Book2. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes and then brush water on the back. You’ll start to see the image shine through (B).

Manifest B, Create Your Life Book

3. Once the water has been absorbed by the paper, gently rub the paper off with your fingers to reveal the image absorbed by the gel medium (C).

Manifest C, Create Your Life Book

4. Leave the image as is or draw and paint over it, enhancing and deepening lines. Add loving, affirming words and doodles that support what you want to manifest to the surrounding area (D).

Manifest D, Create Your Life Book

5. Add shading and highlights if desired. I used crayons and markers to add subtle color to the cheeks and shaded areas. Follow the patterns of shading and highlights within your image or create completely new ones (E).

Manifest E, Create Your Life Book

6. Add highlights with a white paint marker and dark accents or outlines with a black fine-point marker or paint marker (F).

Manifest F, Create Your Life Book

7. Deepen the shading with colored pencils. To get a rich, smooth effect, sharpen your pencils and then lay the leads flat against the paper as you shade (G).

Manifest G, Create Your Life Book

Collage the Background
1. Tear your collage papers and arrange the pieces in a pleasing way. Repeat and overlap them to create visual unity and relationships. Glue them down with gel medium (H). Use an old plastic card to smooth out any air bubbles.

Manifest H, Create Your Life Book

2. Add meaningful images and your printed-out words to the face as a second collage layer. Use pens and markers to enhance the face with additional details. Once the collage is dry, use water-soluble crayons to add a wash of color that lets the previous layers shine through (I).

Manifest I, Create Your Life Book

3. If your background looks chaotic and messy, mute and unify it by applying a layer of white gesso with a brayer (J).

Manifest J, Create Your Life Book

4. To create balance, harmony, and contrast, use markers, fluid acrylics, or water-soluble crayons to add concentrated patches of color (K).

Manifest K. Create Your Life Book

5. Add simple drawings that represent your hopes and wishes. If desired, add collage images and affirming words wherever it feels right (L).

Manifest L, Create Your Life Book

Finishing Touch
If desired, spatter the background with white ink, diluted white acrylics, or white gesso. Load a brush and gently tap it over the areas where you want the spatter to land.

Manifest Finishing Touches, Create Your Life Book

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