What is Bible Journaling?

Are you an artist looking to bring God into your creative work?  Learn what Bible journaling is and how to do it from Faith Journaling for the Inspired Artist.

If you’re new to the concept of Bible journaling, you may be wondering what it’s all about. Even if you’re not new to Bible journaling, you may be looking for fresh ways to approach this meaningful and highly personal art form. So, let’s look at what Bible journaling is and how to get started.

Bible journaling, Faith Journaling for the Inspired Artist

Bible Journaling Is:

  • A creative way to express and document how God is working in your life
  • A unique way to use sermon notes, learn scripture by using different translations, and creatively document your spiritual journey
  • An inspiring way to connect with God and study the Bible in new ways
  • A unique way to express how God is revealing Himself to you
  • A creative way to journal, illustrate, and document what you are learning in Bible study, at church, and straight from the pages of your Bible
  • Not about religion, but your relationship with JesusBible journaling can lead to a life-changing habit of illustrating, documenting, praying, and reading God’s Word. Every person has their own personal way of expressing their faith and creativity.

bible journaling basics, Faith Journaling for the Inspired Artist

Bible Journaling Basics


A: Before I begin my day with anything, I start with prayer. Okay, and coffee. My morning prayers lead me in to my creative endeavors for the day.

It’s where my art and faith collide. I don’t necessarily know what it will look like or what will be produced, but it is rooted in faith.

I also have two 7″ x 9″ binders of notes from all the sermons I have heard over the years. Something usually jumps out at me, and then I look it up in my New International Version (NIV) Study Bible. My journaling Bible is an English Standard Version (ESV). I compare the two translations, and then either create something based on the words I have read or rewrite the verse on the margin of my journaling Bible, reflecting the NIV translation.

Verse highlight, Faith Journaling for the Inspired Artist

“Highlighting” Verses

Regardless of whether I create or journal in the margin of my Bible, I always start by “highlighting” verses in light blue watercolor paint. It’s a subtle color and creates flow throughout my Bible. When using watercolors, always remember to place a piece of paper UNDERNEATH the page or area you are working on. Moisten the brush, add color, and then dab/blot color over the verse. Using a dry paper towel, blot the verse. Blotting removes a little color, as well as the moisture, and helps it dry. Once the verse is highlighted, I have it to reflect on, journal about, or use as inspiration for my art when I am ready to create more.


A: This is the most asked question in Bible journaling. I typically only use watercolors and black pen in my Bible. Previously, I used Prismacolor® markers, which contain alcohol-based ink, and they did bleed through. My suggestion is to always place a scrap of paper underneath the page you’re working on so that it doesn’t bleed onto other pages. Then use a black liner to outline the bleed on the reverse page to create art there as well. Look at the two images below. The bleed on the back of the page (below right) becomes its own piece of art.

Things to remember, Faith Journaling for the Inspired Artist

Things To Remember:

  • If you find yourself consumed with how the art looks or whether it is bleeding or crinkling the page, take a break to realign your mind. Remember WHY you are doing this, and what it’s all about.
  • If you find that you’re spending too much time critiquing your art and not focusing on what you are reading, learning, and meditating on, take a step back to refocus and adjust your thinking.

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