Perspective With Three Visible Sides

Get some perspective with Just for Fun: Perspective! Here’s how to draw an object with 3 visible signs.

Broadway sign 1, Just for Fun: Perspective

When you move the cube off its center, a third side appears.

If one of the edges remains aligned with the center vertical line, the two sides facing you will have the same size. All three sides are affected by perspective and are bordered with converging lines.

If the cube edge isn’t centered, all three sides will present differently sized surfaces, the biggest being the one facing you.

3 sided 1, Just for Fun: Perspective

3 sided 2, Just for Fun: Perspective

3 sided 3, Just for Fun: Perspective

3 sided 4, Just for Fun: Perspective

This principle is also valid if the cube moves above the horizon line.

3 sided 5, Just for Fun: Perspective

Then draw a line above the side of the box where the lid is attached, parallel to the vanishing point on the same side. The slope of the lid creates a new vanishing point that is shifted farther down the vertical line. From this new point, draw lines to create the lid.

3 sided 6, Just for Fun: Perspective

To draw a box with a lid, for instance, start by drawing its bottom, as with the off-center cube. Only this time, also draw the visible part of its interior. The converging lines remain the same.

3 sided 7, Just for Fun: Perspective

In the same way, you can draw a chair and show its seat depth.

3 sided 8, Just for Fun: Perspective

These books are all orientated differently and have their own converging lines.

books 1, Just for Fun: Perspective

books 2, Just for Fun: Perspective

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