What The Font?

Typography doesn’t have to just be words on a page. What can you create using typography? Get inspired with Type Form & Function!

alphabet, Type Form & FunctionFood packaging as typography assembled in the Type Pantry.
Samir Zahran, U.S.A.

Type can be rendered with nearly anything that the mind imagines: food, gum, architecture, bacteria, or hair. And when physical media are combined with digital media, the possibilities expand even further. Because typography has physical properties, and with so many designers looking for solace away from the computer, it’s no wonder that a barrage of new letters seems to pop up each day on sites such as Ilovetypography.com.

laser font, Type Form & FunctionRed laser light, shone into a water-filled bathtub with aluminum foil at the basin.
Geraldine Powell, U.S.A.

Some designers pay tribute to their favorite typefaces in doing these experiments, while others prefer to render something altogether new. Ultimately, this work helps the designer to explore alternative methods, processes, and media for rendering typography that may (or may not) contribute to work done for clients.

bacteria font, Type Form & FunctionCultured bacteria as a tribute to Baskerville.
Design: Chris Rutkowski;
Photography: Reuben Bloom

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Type Form And FunctionType, Form, and Function is a useful, comprehensive typography resource that both students and professional designers should have in their library. It looks at the influences of modern typography and symbols going back through time and examines certain type treatments and movements in design and logo types. It focuses on how type works and emphasizes typographic fundamentals, while touching on logo/logotype design and page layout (print and interactive). This book promises to guide designers through the visual typographic clutter to make their designed messages more meaningful.