Adding Embroidery to a Knitted Sweater

Want to add a little pizzazz to your newly knitted sweater? Customize Your Knitting shows you an easy way to add some embroidery embellishments.

embroidery, Customize Your Knitting

Embroidering on a knitted sweater is similar to embroidering on woven fabrics, but you typically do not use an embroidery hoop. Thread yarn onto a blunt-end tapestry needle. Avoid piercing the yarn of the sweater; rather insert the needle between yarns in the knit. Weave in ends securely on the back of the sweater.

cross stitch, Customize Your Knitting

Cross Stitch

Use the knit stitches as a guide for making evenly spaced cross stitches of equal size. For the first pass, make all diagonal stitches in one direction. Then cross the stitches in the other diagonal direction on the second pass.

french knot, Customize Your Knitting

French Knots

Bring the yarn to the front, and pull all the way through. Wrap the needle once, twice, or three times, depending on the desired size. Holding light tension on the yarn where it emerges from the surface, insert the needle back into the fabric in an adjacent hole, not in the same hole. Pull the needle to the back, releasing the yarn and forming the knot.

daisy, Customize Your Knitting

Lazy Daisy

Bring the needle to the right side and re-insert it to the back in the same hole. As you pull the yarn through, a loop forms on the surface. Bring the needle back to the top through the loop, and cross the top of the loop with a short stitch. Continue in a circle to form a flower.

duplicate, Customize Your Knitting

Duplicate Stitch

The results of duplicate stitch embroidery look as if you knitted the or into the sweater. Stitch over the knit stitches, echoing the path of the yarn.

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Customize your KnittingPersonalize any knitting pattern for a perfect fit and style all your own, with expert help from Margaret Hubert!

Designers have to create knitting patterns in standard sizes, but very few people actually match up to those “average” measurements. Body shapes vary, weight fluctuates, and good fit means different things to different people; so what is a knitter to do?

Customize Your Knitting teaches you how to adjust standard patterns to fit your unique measurements. Through techniques that Margaret Hubert has used for years to teach classes on custom fitting, you can learn to adjust patterns for a perfect fit for yourself or someone else. Yarn shop instructors can use the book to teach classes for their customers.

However, fit is just one part of customizing a garment. Maybe you’d like that neckline a little higher, or you’d like a little flare to the sleeves. How about adding subtle shaping to the waist on a boxy but otherwise perfect sweater pattern? How about adding a polo-style button placket to that plain crew-neck sweater? Or add a sporty buttoned pocket to a sleeve for carrying your iPhone. It’s easy to add your personal style with Margaret’s tips.

Diagrams and illustrations throughout the book will help you understand body shapes and easily compare measurements. Garment construction, specific increases, decreases, and other shaping methods, as well as finishing techniques and embellishments are all explained and photographed clearly. Make every project perfectly tailored to you!