Watercolor Foods

When it comes to painting, you can find your muse anywhere! Become inspired by the gorgeous colors and textures of seasonal foods in this exercise from One Watercolor a DayStart by mixing colors and creating depth, then draw your outlines to create your food shapes. It takes a bit of planning, but it’s a lot of fun!

Berries, watercolor and ink Peppers,
Berries, watercolor and ink

This exercise is all about food—painting it, that is. Choose a selection of foods with colors that excite you. Here, Greg has painted blackberries, blueberries, peppers, and a shrimp in vibrant tones.

Peppers, watercolor and ink

Start this exercise in one of two ways: Either draw a few loose shapes with a pen and waterproof ink as a rough guide, or begin without any line, by laying down some washes of color in the shapes of what you’re drawing. Allow the colors to bleed into each other at times, as Greg has done, for movement. You’ll have to do a little planning, thinking about where you will put the line and where you want pure color to hold the shape or information. It helps to be free about it, though, and allow things to happen with the watercolor. This is not about creating a line to fill in with color, but about finding essential form and volume.

Shrimp, watercolor and ink
Shrimp, watercolor and ink

Once the color washes are dry, use a pen and black or colored ink to draw the defining lines and some of the details. Keep the colors fairly pure and bright to create an appetizing array of paintings.

Rosemary, watercolor
Rosemary, watercolor


Try painting food without any black or pencil line, as in my version of rosemary (above). Allow the initial shapes to stay a little bit wet, and drop in other colors for subtle differences, as you see done with the green and lavender.

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