Container Gardening for All Seasons

Container Gardening for All Seasons

Enjoy Year-Round Color with 101 Designs

Format: Paperback, 256 Pages
ISBN: 9781591865261
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More than a collection of inspiring container gardening photographs, Container Gardening for All Seasons provides a shopping list of materials and a helpful planting diagram for each of the more than 100 container options. Designed like a recipe book, the book offers even the most novice gardeners a no-fail, easy-to-follow instruction format for each container. Gardeners can choose the recipes by season that fit the sun and shade conditions of their landscape. Author Barbara Wise includes all you need to know to plan, plant, grow and maintain a container garden. Fabulous colorful fall and winter container choices are also included.


Barbara Wise is the Floriculture Director for the Southern Land Company. Dubbed by her community as “The Flower Lady,” she has a job that involves planting with her staff around 700 containers each year for the homeowners and communities where she works.

Format: Paperback, 256 Pages
ISBN: 9781591865261
Illustrations: 132 color images & 110 illustrations
Size: 7.5 in x 9.25 in / 191 mm x 235 mm

In Memoriam
  What You Need to Know
  Before You Even Start Looking at Plants
  Plan Before You Plant
  The Right-Sized Container
  The Ten Commandments of Container Gardening
  What Do You Mean? How to Use This Book
  Now What?
  Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers: Designing Your Own Containers
  Party Ready: Holiday Container Ideas
  USDA Hardiness Zone Map
  Barbara Wise, In Her Own Words