Terminator Vault The Complete Story Behind the Making of The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator Vault

The Complete Story Behind the Making of The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Format: Slipcased, 176 Pages
ISBN: 9780760344767
Publisher: Voyageur Press
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The Terminator’s back in this magnificent, behind-the-scenes look at The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
Long before Titanic and Avatar broke box-office records and won countless awards, James Cameron announced his genius with the 1984 release of The Terminator. Nothing like it had ever been seen before—it fused time travel, thrilling action, artificial intelligence, and terror with provocative questions about the human race—and of course, it made Arnold Schwarzenegger an international superstar. The movie’s 1991 sequel, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, has some of the greatest special effects in movie history and remains one of the most influential science fiction films of all time. The story of Sarah and John Connor’s fight against the advanced assassin cyborg, the T-1000, is an astonishing look at the battle between good and evil.
Now, for the first time ever, here is the complete story of the Terminator world. Terminator Vault, written by acclaimed film expert Ian Nathan and with a foreword by “Governator” Schwarzenegger, takes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of both films, from the initial conception of Skynet (the AI system determined to destroy humanity) to the creation of the films’ special effects, many of which had never been previously attempted. Reproductions of original scripts and concept drawings provide completely new insights into the Terminator backstory, and there are over 170 color images of the development, production, and more.
This is a must-have book for any Terminator fan, released in anticipation of the first film’s thirtieth anniversary.
Ian Nathan, who lives and works in London, has been a film writer, producer, broadcaster, and magazine editor for twenty years. As executive editor of Empire, the world's leading film magazine, he is allowed to feed his passions on a daily basis: generating, editing, and writing articles as a thinly veiled excuse to provide the world with his opinions. Like any healthy cinema obsessive, he grew up on James Bond, Indiana Jones, and sneaking into horror movies when he was tall enough. it has grown into a magnificent obsession with everything from Hitchcock to Kurosawa, from arcane film theory to picking your favorite Harrison Ford punch. He has had the immense good fortune of traversing the globe, interviewing the great and good: watching the godlike Steven Spielberg at work, eating ice cream with Peter Jackson and a tableful of orcs, buying Sigourney Weaver breakfast, and behing hugged by both Oliver Stone and Kate Winslet, not a once. Nathan has regularly contributed to books; newspapers such as the London Times and Independent; and magazines; had a weekly radio show; and produced TV documentaries and award ceremonies. The work of Sir Ridley Scott, in particular the extraordinary Alien, has been seminal in inspiring him to what film could be, and how much there is to discover within it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of history's biggest film stars. His films include Total Recall, Conan the Barbarian, Last Action Hero, True Lies and Predator.He was the governor of California from 2003 to 2011.www.schwarzenegger.com

Format: Slipcased, 176 Pages
ISBN: 9780760344767
Illustrations: 170 color photos
Size: 8.5 in x 11 in / 216 mm x 279 mm
"Looking to add another piece of "Terminator" swag to your Cyberdyne-sized fortress? Then check out the 'Terminator Vault book, which is a behind-the-scenes look at the first and second movies in the epic film series! Boasting "a plethora of stills, concept art, storyboards and never-seen-before minutiae" (according to Empire Online, where the book has a Five Star rating), the creators of the book delved into the mind of James Cameron about the film series with little known stories, except to the super fans, and other tantalizing tidbits you likely have never seen or heard before! Best of all, are the reproduction inserts in the many pockets within the book. You'll get all kinds of slides, production notes, A Sarah Connor Polaroid and poster reproductions. These treasures packed within the book sleeves make us rate the book a perfect 10 out of 10 stogies!"  - TheArnoldFans.com
"Nathan's prose ... has so many facts, first-rate access to Cameron and the others, including a foreword by Schwarzenegger, that it's a dizzying trip down thru the byways of dealmaking, studio politics, production pressures and ambition that is by turns energizing and exhausting." - Stephen Schaefer
"t's been almost 30 years since James Cameron's The Terminator was released and the most surprising thing about the groundbreaking sci-fi action caper is how much it holds up today. Ian Nathan's book (which features a forward from none other than the Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger) dives deep into the creative process that went into The Terminator and it's equally impressive sequel T2. Packed to the brim with vivid photos, behind-the-scenes stories and original scripts, this tells every angle of the Terminator saga (except for Terminator 3, let's just all pretend that never happened)." - Televisionwithoutpity.com
November 7, 2013
It's hard to think of James Cameron's The Terminator starring anyone other than Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the killer cyborg from the future. But what if Sting was the one traveling back to the '80s to prevent the machines from taking over? Or Bruce Springsteen on the run with Rosanna Arquette? Or Mickey Rourke? A comprehensive new book about the hugely successful franchise, Terminator Vault, reveals some interesting casting choices revealed in memos and other documents from the capricious pre-production process... Read More.