Giveaway: 2 Pairs of Fiskars Duck Edition Scissors and 2 Books and a Fun Shower Curtain Project

Craftside has paired up with Fiskars for this awesome giveaway that features two pairs of their NEW Duck Edition Scissors and copies of the books Pinterest Perfect! Creative prompts & pin-worthy projects inspired by the artistic community of Pinterest and The Bookbinding Handbook.
Pinterest perfect fiskars duck scissors
Well, I am a BIG fan of cutting tape up, whether it be Duck tape, Washi Tape, or really any kind of tape. Since it now comes in so many pretty prints, it is as collectible as fabric and paper in my book!
One of my favorite ways to use Duck tape is on BIG scale projects like decorating shower curtains. Duck tape is like painting with a 2 inch wide paintbrush and a shower curtain make great canvas.
Duck tape shower curtain color square artI was inspired to make my Duck tape square art collage by this page in Pinterest Perfect! that features a project by Amanda Write called Pixel Painting.Amanda lives in Cary, North Carolina, in a funny little A-frame house with her husband, two dogs, and an

outrageous number of houseplants.She runs her shop, Wit & Whistle, from her studio in their basement. Wit &  Whistle offers witty greeting cards and whistle-worthy paper and home goods—all designed and illustrated by her. Visit her at and on Pinterest @witandwhistle
Amanda says, “I never limit myself to one creative outlet, and this helps keep my creative juices flowing. I have a background in fine art, and I love painting and sketching just for fun. I also dream up DIY projects, decorate my home, play in the garden, hone my photography skills, and experiment with new recipes.
In short, I try to squeeze a little creativity into every aspect of my life. I’m happiest when I’m making things!”
As Amanda described about Pixel Paintings: “These watercolor pixel paintings are a bit time consuming, but the simple task of painting each square a different color is almost Zenlike. The painting process is a great way to hone your color-mixing skills, and the finished piece makes a wonderful personalized gift.”
Duck tape shower curtain collage
This project was so fun and relaxing especially since cutting Duck tape with Duck Edition Scissors is positively dreamy with no aggravation and having to stop and clean the sticky residue off the scissors constantly.
I simply laid the clear shower curtain on the floor and cut squares of Duck tape and popped them down in a pleasing random-ish way. The juxtaposition of the fun prints is as pleasing as with the quilting process and the fabrics playing off of each other.
Fiskars duck scissors 100 ribbon embellishments
More about the books:
-Beautifully designed to emulate the clean, elegant aesthetics of Pinterest that users recognize and love, Pinterest Perfect! features the artwork, projects, and inspirational designs of talented artists and crafters, each of whom enjoys a sizable fan base in the digital space and elsewhere.
-Filled with step-by-step projects, tutorials, art tips, and crafting techniques on everything from drawing, painting, and illustration to mixed media, typography, and papercrafts, each featured artist shares her unique art style with readers in an interactive and engaging format.and

Bookbinding handbook
The Bookbinding Handbook shows readers how to make their own books with detailed step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and full-color illustrations. There are chapters dealing with simple folded books, pamphlet stitches, more complex multi-section bindings, and containers, all of which can be combined to create your own personalized journals, notebooks, albums, and portfolios. There are gallery sections included for inspiration, with examples of work by practicing book artists, binders, and students, which show ways in which the projects described throughout the book can be developed.
The first half of this book deals with getting started, making your own decorative papers, basic techniques, and an introduction to different types of book forms, while the remaining sections are given over to specific projects. The projects involve many new structures and techniques, while at the same time utilizing and building upon skills acquired in the earlier chapters
This book is intended as a springboard for ideas and creative development. If you need extra information on bookbinding books, and where to buy materials, there is a list of suppliers and useful addresses at the back of the book, and a selected bibliography for further reading.
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    Paper (paint samples, old books, etc)!

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    Love the shower curtain project! I like to make paper crafts so cut a lot of paper!

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    I love to cut up paper for my greeting cards. I'm going to need a new shower curtain soon – this found like a fun and unique project. I can always use more Fiskars scissors. I have a purple-handled pair that I guard with my life. Hands off the scissors!

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    any kind of paper or paper like product, fabric, pretty much anything i can cut with scissors or a knife!! 🙂
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    I prefer cutting fabrics, but any type of paper is fun !

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    Fabric is number one with me and paper is a close second.

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    Fabric for my projects and paper for crafts made with my grandchildren are my favorite things to cut.

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    I love cutting up all types of fabric and paper for different craft projects.

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    I love cutting fabric.

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    old Magazines …. they make cool bowls :)……. oh and old t-shirts onto new ones

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    Great giveaway. Cute shower curtain.

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    I love to cut up old encyclopedias and biology text books.

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