We love Sublime Doughnuts!

It’s still National Donut Day and so I thought I’d play up the occasion by sharing this amazing video from one of my favorite doughnut places, Sublime Doughnuts.

And just to make the whole thing much more sweet, Kamal Grant’s book, Homemade Doughnuts, comes out in September 2013 and is available to pre-order. September is shaping up to be a pretty doughnut-erific month!

Homemade Doughnuts by Kamal Grant

Doughnuts aren’t just for special occasions, boardwalks, carnivals, or Homer Simpson: they’re for everyone! Doughnuts have been inspiring and influencing cultures, regions, and religions around the world for centuries. And although the vision of the doughnut has evolved and been “fancified” by cart owners and Top Chefs alike, one thing reigns true: everyone loves a good doughnut. With step-by-step tutorials, Homemade Doughnuts will show you the basics of doughnut making, baking techniques, and practical problem-solving tactics for creating bakery-like doughnuts at home. It includes doughnut variations from all over the world, as well as healthy options to create completely healthy doughnuts or healthier options: using whole grain flours, how to bake instead of fry them, and how to use fresh fruits and spices to make fresh and creative treats. From the classic to modern food art, this book provides the lessons for creating a gamut of deliciousness.